An Bord Comhairleach um Achtanna na Leanaí - The Children Acts Advisory Board

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This inventory or database contains over 230 publications in relation to children in detention and out of home care in Ireland.

The material was selected as part of an audit and analysis of literature on children in detention and out of home care in Ireland, commissioned by the CAAB and conducted by Eustace Patterson Ltd between October 2008 and January 2009 (for details see ‘Background Information’ below). The focus is publications produced from 1990 to early 2009. Details of relevant websites and journals are also provided where applicable. Included in the database is a literature review of the 230 plus documents covered in this database, see the report ‘Thematic Analysis of Irish Literature on Children in Detention and Out of Home Care in Ireland.


Key to categories

The inventory listing can be accessed by searching under any or all of four headings - sector, publisher, author, and year. Once you click on your chosen publication you will then be directed to a short summary of topics covered and information sources, with the option to download / access the publication if it is available to download free of charge.

The publications are classified into the following sectors:

  • Foster Care;
  • Mainstream Residential Care;
  • Children in Special Care and High Support;
  • Children in Detention;
  • Other Research of Relevance, e.g. Homelessness, Adoption, Children’s Rights, etc.


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Background Information

In 2008 the CAAB commissioned a study to audit and analyse research literature on children in detention and out of home care in Ireland. The study had two outputs, an ‘audit’ and a ‘thematic literature review’. This database was produced from the audit and the database also includes the study’s thematic literature review. The study was undertaken in partnership between the Children Acts Advisory Board (CAAB), the Irish Youth Justice Service (IYJS), the Health Service Executive (HSE), the Young Persons Probation Service (YPPS), the Irish Association of Young People in Care (IAYPIC) and the Irish Foster Care Association (IFCA). The research was co-financed by the CAAB and the IYJS. The research was undertaken by Eustace Patterson Limited.


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