An Bord Comhairleach um Achtanna na Leanaí - The Children Acts Advisory Board

This section provides a direct link to reports published by the Children Acts Advisory Board and the former Special Residential Services Board. A report can be downloaded by clicking on a report title. An overview of our research projects along with published reports can be viewed by visiting our research section.


Publications available are listed under three headings: Guidance and Guidelines, Published Research Reports and Other Published Reports.

The Guidance and Guidelines provided have been produced or commissioned by the CAAB and include best practice guidelines in relation to the use of physical restraint and the role, criteria for appointment, qualifications and training for Guardians ad Litem.


Guidance and Guidelines


Children Acts, Statutory Responsibilities and Services, December 2009


Guidelines on Recording in Children’s Residential Care, December 2009


Guidelines on the Role of Social Workers for Children Placed in Children’s Residential Centres, December 2009

Review of Best Practice Guidelines in the use of Physical Restraint: (Child Care: Residential Units), December 2009

Guidance to Support Effective Inter-agency Working Across Irish Children’s Services, November 2009


Best Practice Guidelines for the Use and Implementation of Therapeutic Interventions for Children and Young People in Out of Home Care, November 2009

Giving a Voice to Children’s Wishes, Feelings and Interests, May 2009

Best Practice Guidelines in the Use of Physical Restraint (Child Care: Residential Units), April 2006




Published Research Reports


Audit of Child Protection Research in Ireland 1990-2009, July 2010


Thematic Analysis of Irish Research Literature on Children in Detention and Out of Home Care in Ireland, July 2010


Tracing and Tracking of Children Subject to a Special Care Application, June 2010


Organisational Case Studies of Inter-agency Co-operation in the Delivery of Children’s Services, December 2009


A Literature Review of Inter-agency Work with a Particular Focus on Children’s Services, December 2009 


Inter-agency Co-operation in Irish Children’s Services: The Views of Some Stakeholders, November 2009


Putting Research Evidence to Work: Key Issues for Research Utilisation in Irish Children’s Services, October 2009


Review of Special Care Applications, July 2008


Review of Admission Criteria and Processes for Special Care, September 2005


The Impact of Placement in Special Care Unit Settings on the Wellbeing of Young People and their Families, 2004 

Definition and Usage of High Support in Ireland, April 2003 



Other Published Reports


‘Assessed - So What!’ Post Seminar Report

National Conference 2008 Report

'A Different Response Model' Post Seminar Report

CAAB Awards for Services to Children and Young People Report 2009

CAAB Awards for Services to Children and Young People Report 2008