An Bord Comhairleach um Achtanna na Leanaí - The Children Acts Advisory Board


Coherent, consistent and effective responses for children who are central to the Children Acts.



We will work for children. We will seek significantly better outcomes for vulnerable children through the co-ordinated delivery of services. We will promote stronger inter-agency co-operation and good practice through the provision of advice, guidance and support and base our work on action-oriented research, experience and reflective questioning.



The Children Acts Advisory Board

  • Will act independently in accordance with our statutory remit;
  • Will be open, accountable and inclusive, dealing with all parties in a respectful manner.



  • Have a right to fair access to all State Agencies and the services they provide;
  • Will have their rights respected at all times;
  • Will, where possible and appropriate, have services delivered within a family setting;
  • Will be detained only as a measure of last resort and for the shortest possible  period necessary to address the special care needs of each child;
  • Will be given the opportunity to express their views and influence service development.


Service Providers

  • Will have the benefit of facilitated collaboration, good practice guidance and research based advice;
  • Will be dealt with in a spirit of partnership trust and co-operation.

The Ministers

  • Are entitled to prompt, accurate and quality advice on request.