An Bord Comhairleach um Achtanna na Leanaí - The Children Acts Advisory Board

The functions of the Board are set out in Section 227 of the Children Act, 2001 as amended by Part 12 of the Criminal Justice Act, 2006 and the Child Care Amendment Act, 2007. The nine functions of the Children Acts Advisory Board are presented below.

(a) Advise the Ministers on policy issues relating to the co-ordinated delivery of services under the Children Act, 2001 and the Child Care Act, 1991;

(b) Publish guidance on the qualifications, criteria for appointment, training and role of any guardian ad litem appointed for children in proceedings under the Child Care Act of 1991;

(c) In consultation with the Health Service Executive, prepare and publish criteria for the admission to and discharge from special care units of children subject to special care and interim special care orders;

(d) Prepare reports on certain in camera court proceedings, as they affect at risk children and young people, in order to allow for an evidence based approach to policy making;

(e) Give its views on any proposal of the Health Service Executive to apply for a special care order;

(f) Report on the level and nature of residential accommodation and support services to children detained in children detention schools and special care units;

(g) Promote enhanced inter-agency co-operation (including the sharing of information) under the Children Acts;

(h) Promote, organise or take part in meetings, seminars, conferences, lectures or demonstrations (whether in the State or elsewhere) in relation to its functions set out in paragraphs (a) to (g), and

(i) Conduct or commission research, and collect, maintain, research and evaluate statistics and other data, relating to its functions set out in paragraphs (a) to (h).

The act states that, The Board, in performing its functions, shall have regard to the policies and objectives of the Government or any Minister of the Government in so far as they may affect or relate to those functions. The Board shall have all such powers as are necessary or expedient for the exercise of its functions.